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Tooth decay in children is unfortunately a common problem. Children’s oral health is as important as their overall health, yet sometimes this isn’t recognized because children lose their baby teeth, making them seem less important. However, it’s vital that your child have regular checkups and any necessary treatment if a cavity does occur.

Treating and Preventing

Tooth Decay in Children

If your child is showing symptoms of tooth decay or other problems with his mouth or teeth, you should take him to the dentist for evaluation and treatment. The dentist might place a filling or, if damage is extensive, a crown. If the decay has progressed too far, extraction might even be necessary, but this should be avoided when at all possible.

Prevention of tooth decay in children is the best approach. Pediatric dentistry offers treatments that can help keep teeth from developing cavities, such as sealants that create a barrier between the tooth and the bacteria that cause decay. Regular brushing and flossing are vital even for children. If your child can’t perform these tasks on his own, you should help or do it for him to be sure his teeth stay healthy. Your child should also avoid sugary foods or keep a bottle in their mouth for long periods of time if it is filled with anything other than plain water.

Why It’s Important to

Prevent Tooth Decay in Children

Even though baby teeth do eventually fall out, it’s important to keep them healthy until they do. Baby teeth help ensure the permanent teeth emerge in the right place and position. If they have to be removed, the permanent teeth are more likely to come in crowded or crooked. In addition, if baby teeth develop severe decay, this can spread into the permanent teeth and cause damage before the teeth have even emerged.

Dental visits should begin as soon as your child’s first tooth arrives. You can help ensure baby teeth remain healthy by encouraging daily care, a healthy diet, and regular appointments with the dentist. When the molars emerge, have them sealed to reduce the likelihood of decay.

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