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Q.Does my child need braces?

A.To know for sure whether your child needs braces or not, it’s important to schedule an evaluation with an experienced pediatric dentist or orthodontist. With clinical measurements and dental X-rays, the dentist can make recommendations regarding orthodontic issues such as crowding, spacing, and tooth eruption patterns.

Q.Is my child too young for braces?

A.When necessary, a great deal of orthodontic work can be completed even while the baby teeth are still in the mouth. In fact, orthodontic treatments are sometimes most successful when they coincide with a child’s natural growth pattern.

Q.How long will my child wear braces?

A.Each child’s orthodontic treatment plan is tailored to their very unique conditions. To do this, we will consider your child’s current dental health, age, ability to comply with the treatment plan, and even their gender! Complicated bite issues could require several years of treatment, while simpler cases can be completed much faster. The timeframe for treatment can be estimated after the initial exam, but can still be expected to change during the course of treatment.