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A smile can be infectious. When someone else smiles, it’s not uncommon to have the urge to smile back. It’s a great way to invoke positive feelings in another person. However, that’s not exactly the meaning of ‘infectious’ that we at Boerne Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry have in mind! There’s another type of infectious smile and this one isn’t so kind! Allow your Boerne and Fair Oaks pediatric dentist and dental team to explain all about these other types of infectious smiles.

The Dangers of

Infectious Smiles

Plenty of oral problems, from viruses to gum disease to even cavities can be spread amongst loved ones. Just the simple act of kissing your baby or sharing utensils with a toddler can cause him or her to develop a cavity. If you have children, you probably understand how easy it is for illnesses to get spread; it’s no different for oral problems. Because of how easily these diseases can be transferred from one person to the next, it’s important for you to take care to keep from orally spreading any germs. The best way to halt this from happening though is to make sure that both you and your child maintain excellent oral health. By visiting your pediatric dentist in Fair Oaks and Boerne, we can provide your child with all of the pediatric dentistry treatments needed to help ensure that he or she is on the road to a healthier smile. Additionally, you shouldn’t ignore the benefits that orthodontics can offer either. These orthodontic treatments can improve the positions of your (or your child’s) teeth, which will make it much easier to keep your teeth clean and also lessen the bacteria in your mouth.

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