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If you have children, you likely have thought about when they need to visit an orthodontist. Many young people get braces to give them straighter and healthier smiles, but most parents don’t know when that should start. At Boerne Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, we wanted to address this commonly asked question.

You Should Start

Earlier Than You Think

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests having a first orthodontic appointment no later than age seven. This may sound very early but there are some good reasons you want your seven-year-old to visit us at our Boerne orthodontist office.

  • An orthodontist can detect subtle indications that your child will need treatment, even if his or her teeth are currently straight.
  • While treatment may not need to begin so early, the orthodontist can provide valuable, individual guidance on when it will be necessary.
  • Sometimes early treatment can prevent more significant treatment in the future, saving time, money and discomfort.
  • Even as your child’s jaw and mouth are still growing, the orthodontist can guide growth to correct a variety of common malocclusions.

In short, speaking with an orthodontist early can help set your child up to need less treatment later on. Don’t worry if your kid is older, however. Simply schedule an appointment with our orthodontist in Boerne at your earliest convenience to get started.

When Will

My Kid Need Braces?

It is common for orthodontic patients to start treatment in their early teens. This is because the jaw has usually mostly reached its final shape and size at this point. However, this can vary significantly between patients. Some patients need earlier treatment and others don’t. An initial exam is all it takes to get a clear picture of what will be needed.

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