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Thanksgiving is around the corner, and while many of our patients are getting excited to spend an evening reconnecting with family and indulging in delicious foods, if you're celebrating Thanksgiving with braces this year, you've got one more thing on your plate to think about. While delicious, many of the foods we love to enjoy during Thanksgiving pose an existential threat to braces, and nothing ruins a family holiday like an emergency trip to your Boerne area orthodontist. If you're celebrating Thanksgiving with braces this year in Boerne or Fair Oaks, Boerne Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics has got you covered – here's our survival guide.

The Thanksgiving with

Braces Survival Guide

Will you be digging into your Thanksgiving supper wearing braces this year? You'll need to be careful, as plenty of your favorite family recipes may be dangerous for your braces. Here are a few simple tips you can follow to ensure you keep your braces safe this Thanksgiving:

  • Know What Foods to Avoid: First off, don't worry – you can still dig in and enjoy some delicious food on Thanksgiving day. But you'll have to avoid certain foods that can harm braces, and it's important to know which foods you'll need to steer clear of. Stay away from anything crunchy, hard, or that has a bone, such as turkey legs or raw vegetables, as well as any sticky desserts like caramel apples. 
  • Aim for Soft & Bite-Sized Foods: To ensure your braces are safe at Thanksgiving, you'll want to opt for foods that are soft, easy to eat, and bite size. Turkey breast is great if cut into small pieces, and softer foods like mashed potatoes or stuffing are a sure bet. Even pie is ok if you avoid any pecans or hard crust!
  • Brush & Floss Right After Dinner: When it comes to cavities, the shorter your teeth are exposed to carbs and sugar, the better – and Thanksgiving will undoubtedly offer your teeth a massive dose of both. To limit the damage, be sure to brush and floss your teeth right after finishing your meal, as this will keep your teeth clean and help prevent decay from starting. 

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We hope these tips make it easier for you to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal without putting your braces at risk, and if you have any other questions, we're always here to answer them. While you're at it, don't forget to schedule a post-Thanksgiving check-up appointment using our easy online form so we can make sure your teeth and braces look normal after the big day. With all that in mind, we wish you a happy, delicious, and braces-friendly Thanksgiving this year!