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Orthodontic treatment is common among teens and adolescents. By the time children have reached this age, all their permanent teeth have arrived, and it is possible to tell if they need adjustment due to misalignment, crowding or other issues. However, as common as braces are, some might prefer a less visible option. For many teens, Invisalign is a better option considering the comfort and overall appearance.


Invisalign Works

Invisalign moves misaligned teeth into correct positing using trays made of clear plastic rather than traditional metal braces with bands. Each tray represents an incremental movement of the teeth. After wearing the tray about two weeks, you’ll switch to the next tray, which will move your teeth a bit more. After the final tray is in place, your teeth will be properly aligned.

Aligner trays are made from carefully constructed digital models of what your teeth look like now and what they will look like when treatment is completed. The series of trays moves your teeth gradually into the desired final position. After the last tray is removed, you will wear a retainer, usually just at night, to keep your teeth from moving back into their misaligned position.

Why Not

Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces are very effective and necessary at times. You and your dentist can consult to determine what orthodontic treatment is best for your teen’s needs. This decision will be based upon the severity and type of your child’s misalignment as well as on personal preference. This might include your level of confidence that your teen will be able to take appropriate care of the trays during treatment.

Invisalign provides a variety of advantages including:

  • No sharp wires to injure the oral tissues
  • Trays can be removed to thoroughly clean the teeth
  • Trays are virtually invisible

To determine if the Invisalign treatment is the best orthodontic option for your teen, please call our office to schedule a one on one consultation.