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Are you considering braces for yourself or your child? With so many types of braces available on the market, Dr. VandeBerg is consistently asked about the differences and which one is best for certain situations. 

Although we offer a variety of types of braces at Boerne Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, it can be helpful to understand the other options out there. When you’re more familiar with the different designs, it can help you feel more confident about selecting the best one for you or your child. 


Common Types of Braces

Traditional Braces — Conventional braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment in our Boerne office. Bracket and wire systems can be adapted to any case, whether extremely mild or more severe. They work well for adults and children alike. 

Ceramic Braces — For a more subtle appearance, you can request to have ceramic “tooth-colored” braces during your orthodontic treatment. These ceramic brackets blend in with your enamel so that they aren’t as noticeable on your teeth. Although you can see them up close, their design is a bit more conservative for adults or teens who still need traditional treatment. 

Clear Aligners — Transparent aligner brands like Invisalign and ClearCorrect are some of the most popular types of clear braces. Removable aligners are both comfortable and convenient. Since there are no fixed appliances, you can easily eat whatever you want and brush and floss like normal. Clear aligners are extremely popular with adults and teens alike. 

Phase 1 / Early Intervention — Interceptive orthodontics gives your child a jump-start on growth modification for improved tooth alignment and oral development. If your child is at risk for crowding, a narrow jaw, or other growth issues, early “phase 1” treatment can nudge their teeth and bone structures into a healthier, more desirable position. Treatment is typically followed by “phase 2” or traditional braces to fine-tune your child’s tooth alignment a few years later. 

Lingual Braces — Sometimes called “hidden” braces, lingual braces are almost identical to traditional bracket and wire systems, except they’re tucked away on the back of your teeth instead of the visible surfaces. Lingual braces work well for people requiring more advanced tooth movement but who want to avoid visible appliances on their teeth. 

Accelerated Orthodontics — “Fast” or “accelerated” braces are a type of short-term orthodontic treatment meant for straightening teeth at the front of your smile. This limited treatment is more for cosmetic purposes following orthodontic relapse. It also works well for someone with otherwise straight teeth, but who has one or two areas in their “smile zone” that need to be touched up.


Braces in Boerne

Dr. VandeBerg will review which types of braces you qualify for and recommend the one that’s best for your needs or preferences. Chances are, you’ll qualify for more than one option. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have so that you’ll feel confident about your investment. 

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