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Your smile is like one big machine, full of countless living parts such as your teeth, gum tissue, and jaw bone. To make sure all of those parts stay healthy and work as they should, there are many types of oral healthcare professionals that focus on providing treatment and care for specific parts of that machine. There are pediatric dentists who specialize in maintaining oral health and guiding the development of the smile from early childhood (even babies) to well into the teenage years. Then there are orthodontists who specialize in making sure your teeth and jaw are perfectly aligned, which will also help keep your mouth healthy. Often, these professionals have their own separate practices, but wouldn’t it be better if all of your oral health needs were taken care of in the same place? 

Here at Boerne Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, we offer holistic dental care for your whole family. We provide everything your child needs to have a healthy smile that will last a lifetime here in our local office in Boerne, TX. While we’ve helped countless families in our community over the years, you may be wondering what makes the holistic approach better than your average dentist or orthodontist. That’s why we’ve outlined the benefits of choosing a practice that offers comprehensive dental care below.

Coordinated Treatment

While your average dentist may refer your child to an orthodontist, it’s rare that those two will communicate with each other. Instead, they rely on you to communicate what dental treatments your child has had and what issues they may be experiencing. However, when your child’s orthodontist and pediatric dentist are on the same team and in the same office, they can coordinate with one another to plan treatments to ensure that your child has the best, healthiest smile possible. It can even eliminate the need to schedule multiple, separate appointments in some cases since sometimes your kids can see their pediatric dentist and orthodontists right after the other!

Coming To One,

Trusted Source For Care

Searching for a pediatric dentist or an orthodontist for your kids can be challenging since you want to find somewhere where your kids will feel comfortable while making you feel confident that their oral health is in the best hands. Finding one reliable practice can be hard enough, let alone finding two. By choosing a holistic dental care practice like Boerne Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, you won’t need to continue searching and hoping that you find somewhere good enough. Instead, you have one all-encompassing practice and a single team that you can rely on to provide your family with the quality care they deserve.


Close To Home

Trying to schedule dental and orthodontic appointments for your kids into your own schedule is difficult enough, so why complicate things even more by forcing yourself to travel to two different offices? With a single office close to home, you simplify the process of providing your kids with the pediatric dental and orthodontic care that they need to have a great smile. We want to make sure that you can carry on with your daily life with as little major interruptions and driving as possible.

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If you’ve ever wished that everything your kids needed to have healthy smiles was all in one place, stop wishing and contact us at Boerne Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry instead! You’ll be connected with a member of our team who will happily answer any questions you may have about holistic oral healthcare and the services we provide, as well as getting you scheduled for you and your child’s first visit to our local Boerne, TX office. We look forward to seeing you and your family in our office soon and providing you with the quality dental and orthodontic care that we are known for.